What is Point Reward DewaPoker?

Point Reward DewaPoker is a sign of our gratitude to you devoted player DewaPoker. Point Reward DewaPoker cooperates with www.koin88.com. Point Reward that you have can be redeemed with interesting items that are in koin88 or pulse. How to earn Points? Every day you play at DewaPoker will earn Points.


  1. Please Login at DewaPoker.com
  2. Please Login at Koin88.com
  3. At DewaPoker.com click the AKTIVATION button

  1. You will be directed to koin88.com
  2. Activation is successful.


GRAB is a feature to drag your Game Points to Coins.

Minimum GRAB is 5,000 Points

How to do GRAB?

Log in to koin88, click your account in the top right corner, select GAME CONNECTION, and GRAB


Redeem your points at www.koin88.com, points you can use to buy your dream stuff or may be converted into voucher, here’s how to fill the voucher, Login into game DewaPoker.com


enter the Voucher Code and PIN into the available fields, and enter the CAPTCHA for verification. Then click SUBMIT

If the Voucher Code you entered is correct, then you will get DEPOSIT KOIN.

Dewapoker.com Present to all online poker card game lovers who are especially in asia. With a new technological system and high speed server will make your poker game more exciting and interesting with your teman2x and your rivals. Just login and play without downloading. Dewapoker.com with high server encryption will ensure data security of the members.